Our Education

The Centre aims to deliver and grow excellent interdisciplinary, experience-based approaches with which to learn about creativity, creative leadership, design and innovation good practices, using techniques and support tools that are drawn from business, design, the arts, law and social sciences​.

The Masters in Innovation Creativity and Leadership

“You can’t see it, smell it, hear it. People disagree on how, precisely, to define it, or where, exactly, it comes from. It isn’t a school subject or an academic discipline, but it can be learned. It is a quality that is required by artists. But it is also present in the lives of scientists and entrepreneurs. All of us benefit from it: we thrive mentally and spiritually when we are able to harness it. It is a delicate thing, easily stamped out; in fact, it flourishes most fully when people are playful and childlike. At the same time, it works best in tandem with deep knowledge and expertise.”

The Guardian view on ‘Creativity in Schools: A Missing Ingredient”

In a more complex world where environments and business organizations face complicated problems that require creative leaders and individuals, our master’s degree offers you to learn more how to adapt to a changing world .

You will learn from a multi-disciplinary team of academics and practitioners, developing knowledge and skills in leadership, creativity and innovation that can instigate valuable change in a broad range of situations. Their practical, reflective and values-based approach brings theories to life, and offers you a variety of experiences to help you to strengthen your capabilities.

This interdisciplinary programme explores

  • business
  • the arts
  • psychology
  • law
  • design
  • digital technologies.

You’ll also discover how to unleash creativity within others, including team members, colleagues, clients and stakeholders.

Become one of these creative leaders and amplify your capabilities, study the MICL with us. Read more on our blog piece ‘Why now is the time to take the MICL’.

What our MICL Alumni Say

The multidisciplinary nature of the MICL helped me grow personally and professionally. It broadened my knowledge, stretched my thinking and challenged me to work in new areas. It enabled me to take my career in a fresh direction.”  Stephen Clulow of Nine Sigma

I have learned things that I would never have anticipated and challenged myself in completely unexpected ways.”  Carrie Deacon

“ I’ve done tons of training in the past - some good some bad, but the MICL isn’t about being trained, it’s about starting an adventure!”  Vanessa Longley

You can read about the experiences of some of our more recent alumni: Callie Seymour, Pascal Rota and Diana Squires.

Chat to one of our MICL students now and have them answer your questions on everything from application to student life.

Creative Leadership Programme

The Creative Leadership: Setting the Stage for Innovation programme is complementary to other initiatives from the Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice at Bayes. It is designed to educate a new cadre of creative leaders who have intellectual resilience and can apply interdisciplinary approaches to progress creative solutions to the complex, ill-structured and dynamic challenges that we face today.

Read more about Our Creative Leadership Programme.

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