CreAtIve Comm 22 | CebAI’s annual conference at Bayes Business School

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Previous Events

Bayes Innovate 2023

At Bayes Innovate, the Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice delivered a workshop entitled Creative Responses to Climate Change: Imagining Food Security. Participants in the workshop used creative processes to examine potential impacts and implications of emerging trends, which will acted as inspiration for innovations aimed at enhancing food security and enabling green livelihoods, especially in those parts of the world that are currently worst affected.

CreAtIve Comm 2022

For CreAtIve Comm 2022, the Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice delivered a creative problem-solving workshop using the SCAMPER technique to find creative solutions to the problem of creating a sense of community amongst people who are rarely or never able to be in the same time and place together. Professor Neil Maiden interviewed Nigel Redman, former Olympic coach about finding ways to integrate creativity into the sports coaching process, and demonstrated how CebAI's latest product, Sport Sparks, uses AI and creativity to enhance innovation in sports coaching.

CreAtIve Comm 2021

Professor Neil Maiden hosted an afternoon of discussions, presentations and case studies on the subject of technology, human creativity and effective collaboration between academia and the commercial sector, and Dr Sara Jones contributed a session on Inspiring a Future Vision.

World Creativity and Innovation Day 2022

The Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice (C2P2) and The National Centre for Creativity enabled by AI (CebAI), celebrated collaborative innovations for the United Nations' World Creativity and Innovation Day. In 2021, the special focus was on Goal 16, the sustainable development of peace, justice & strong institutions.

The Global WIIN Conference 2022

The Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network (GlobalWIIN) Conference, Showcase & Awards ceremony introduced speakers from around the world to discuss creativity, digital trends, sustainability and innovative solutions. More than 70 attendees from different worldwide organisations presented at plenary sessions, hosted by the Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice at Bayes. These were on subjects including the pursuit of protection and ownership of intellectual property, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the rise of digital assets, the food industry, the growth of women inventors in the Middle East, investing in the next generation of female leadership and the value and impact of protection in a competitive world.