Past Events


28 January 2020

Standing the tide: The dynamics of private and public governance in MSI development Johanna Jarvela - Bayes Business School

Corporate Corruption: A review and an agenda for future research Armando Castro - UCL

25 February 2020

Category Work in a Fragmented Field: The Emergence of Social Enterprise as a New Organizational Category Chenjian Zhang - University of Bath

The role of the state in CSR in developing countries: The case of the Zambian mining sector Elisavet Mantzari - Birmingham Business School

31 March 2020

Supporting business model innovation for sustainable development: Lessons from off-grid energy (co-authored with Philipp Trotter) Aoife Haney - Said Business School Oxford

28 April 2020

Indentured Servant to Market Actor: The Institutional Transformation of Darfur’s Untouchables Samer Abdelnour - UCL

Seeing the infected wound as the band-aid peels off. The Forestry Stewardship Council and land-based conflict in Chile/Wallmapu from a radical flank perspective Rajiv Maher Copenhagen - Business School

26 May 2020

Heart, Mind & Body: #NoMorePage3 and the Replenishment of Emotional Energy Lauren McCarthy - Royal Holloway

From Movements to Managers: Crossing Organizational Boundaries in the Field of Sustainability Grace Augustine - Bayes Business School

23 June 2020

Slow train coming: a process of de-commensuration between efficiency and value Daniel Fisher - Bayes Business School

Decolonizing Deliberative Democracy: Perspectives from Below Bobby Banerjee - Bayes Business School

5 August 2020

The care revolution: How our response to the coronavirus is our last chance to prevent ecologically driven societal collapse
Dr Rupert Read, Spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion and Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of East Anglia


29 January 2019

The public responsibility of platform corporations Alessandro Tirapani & Mislav Radic - Bayes Business School

Discursive construction and maintenance of corruption in the field of elite sport in Finland  Jukka Rintamaki - Loughborough University

26 February 2019

The Market for Institutions Mikael Homanen - Bayes Business School

From hippies to suits: Nested paradoxical tensions in CSR consultants’ identity work Szilvia Mosonyi - Queen Mary University of London

09 April 2019

Governing the Ungovernable: The NGOization of Palestine Bobby Banerjee - Bayes Business School

The Corporation, Law and Capitalism Grietje Baars - City University London

12 April 2019

An Introduction to the Economies of Worth

30 April 2019

Seven Moral Rules Found All Around the World Oliver Curry - University of Oxford

"Putting stars in their eyes” ; Evaluation and power of evaluative-infrastructure providers Anne-Sophie Barbe - iaelyon School of Management

28 May 2019

Behind every anarchist warrior, there is an anarchist mother: Organizational roles and interaction in a protest camp Maarit Laihonen - Aalto University

Questionable Ethics in the Academy of Management: A Commentary on Tsoukas Hugh Willmott - Bayes Business School

25 June 2019

‘B’ the change you want to see: Can commensuration help in addressing grand challenges? Fannie Couture - University of Sydney

Functional silos leading to means-end decoupling in sustainability Lucas Amaral Lauriano - King's College

24 September 2019

Tax Avoidance and Labour Mikael Homanen - Bayes Business School

Action Is Not Determined By One’s Values: Morality, Materiality and Financial Reform on Wall Street Daniel Beunza - Bayes Business School

27 September 2019

Microfoundations of Corporate Social Responsibility: Consolidating and bridging the sociological and psychological perspectives

29 October 2019

My Book about Me: CEO autobiography genre and the reproduction of myths legitimating Income Inequality Hamid Foroughi - Portsmouth University

The common truths that people won’t tell you: Executives’ translation of community logics into corporate social responsibility practices in the Bangladeshi apparel industry Enrico Fontana & Viviana Pilato (Skype ) - University of Victoria

26 November 2019

Is business school education a virtue or a vice? Operationalizing Bourdieu’s concepts, their antecedents and consequences Annette Yunus Pendrey - Bayes Business School

Talking the Talk: Performative Mechanisms behind SDG narratives Onna van den Broek - King's College

28 November 2019

Mobilizing the Economies of Worth in Organization and Market Studies


30 January 2018

Shooting for the stars: Co-constructing a professional mandate for corporate social responsibility Szilvia Mosonyi - Bayes Business School

Governing corporate responsibility through financial markets: The case of French socially responsible investing Jean-Pascal Gond/Stephanie Giamporcaro - Bayes Business School / Nottingham Trent University

27 February 2018

Barking up the wrong tree: Why proposals to abolish corporate personality are misguided David Gindis - Hertfordshire Business School

27 March 2018

The Role of Spaces in Institutional Struggles: How the Venezuelan Art Sector Survived the Bolivarian Revolution Thomas Roulet - King's College

Carrot or Stick? Strategic Corporate Governance and the Incentivization of Attention to Environmental, Social, and Governance Issues Kevin Chuah - London Business School

24 April 2018

Depositors Disciplining Banks - The Impact of Scandals Mikael Homanen - Bayes  Business School

Organised Skepticism Andre Spicer - Bayes Business School

17 May 2018

How ESG Engagement Creates Value for Investors and Companies: Launch of the Research Report commissioned by the Principle for Responsible Investment

29 May 2018

Everything must Change so that Everything can Stay the Same: Open Access in UK Academic Publishing Saralara Marquez-Gallardo - Bayes Business School

How categorical boundaries are constructed: Organic farming and the dynamics of (de)stigmatization Marjo Siltaoja - Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics

26 June 2018

Emotional compensation in frame amplification, or how Californians got to live a plastic-free life Itziar Castello - University of Surrey

The Busyness Paradox: Exploring the Addictive Timeflow of Busyness Ioana Lupu - ESSEC

25 September 2018

Econormativity: how market rationality inhibits radical conflict in and around organizations Alessandro Tirapani - Bayes Business School

When self-fulfilling theories seem to fail: Board declassification activism, Harvard’s Shareholder Rights Project and the classified board academic debate Rachelle Bellinga - MINES ParisTech

30 October 2018

On the lack of social moral efficiency in public function firm delivery: Towards a new approach of firm responsibility Daniel Fisher - Bayes Business School

The corporate license to operate: governing the capacity for corporate agency in Finnish mining Johanna Jarvela - Bayes Business School

27 November 2018

Corporate governance innovation in the digital age Kevin Chuah (& Jeroen Veldman) - London Business School (& Bayes )

Employee resource groups: The potential for micro-emancipation Erica Foldy - NYU Wagner School of Public Service


31 January 2017

Unintended consequences of social-symbolic work: Sustainability and the sustaining of social inequality in rural Côte d’Ivoire Sebastien Mena - Bayes Business School

28 February 2017

Michael Etter - Bayes Business School

28 March 2017

Historicizing the construction of the ‘good’ business school: An analysis of legitimacy in the plurality of business school historical narratives Annette Yunus - Pendrey Bayes Business School

Stubborn irresponsibility at Royal Bank of Scotland Jukka Rintamaki - Bayes Business School

Privatization and Organizations: a Review and Research Agenda Mislav Radic - Bayes Business School

April 2017

Organizing for the common good: revisiting performativity

20 May 2017

Workshop ‘Corporate Governance and Systemic Risk' 

30 May 2017

Institutional silence. An institutional analysis of the illegal toxic waste dumping in South Italy Valeria Cavotta - Imperial College

Enacting-writing? On bringing critique closer to home  Marton Racz - Bayes Business School

June 2017

How Can Investors’ Engagement in Environmental, Social and Governance Issues Create and Deliver Value?

7 June 2017

Workshop ‘Corporate Governance and Reporting 

19 September 2017

‘Why Not Rip It Up and Start Again?’ Consciousness-Raising as Institutional Work for Gender Equality Lauren McCarthy - Royal Holloway

Wall Street: Towards a Behavioural Mid-Range Theory of Ethical Risk Alexandra Dobra-Kiel - Warwick University

31 October 2017

Unintended Decoupling: The Role of Internal Conditions in Explaining Policy-Practice Misalignment at UK Business Schools with Explicit Commitments Annie Snelson-Powell - University of Bath

Climate Bonds InitiativeAssembling Green Bonds: The Development of a Market across Fields of Expertise Aneil Tripathy - Brandeis University

11 November 2017

Corporate Social Responsibility in the Digital Economy

28 November 2017

Moral Agency in Charities and Business Corporations: Exploring the constraints of Law and Regulation Samuel Mansell - University of St Andrews

PhD Christmas Surgery


Corporate Governance Roundtable - Human Capital Debate, Co-funded by Bayes and the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants (January 2016)

Corporate Governance Roundtable - Relationship between Taxation and Corporate Governance, Co-funded by Bayes and the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants (April 2016)

Amsterdam workshop with practitioners, regulators, standard setters, and academics (February 2016)

The Dutch Roundtable was part of Dutch Corporate Governance Code Revision Debate and the basis for a submission to the Dutch Corporate Governance Commission.

Paris workshop with practitioners, regulators, standard setters, and academics (April 2016)

Oslo workshop with practitioners, regulators, standard setters, and academics (August 2016)

Presentation of the the Corporate governance for a Changing World at a high-profile conference in Brussels. Keynote speeches delivered by Věra Jourová, EU Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality; John Kay, well known author, economist and columnist at Financial Times; and Richard Howitt, MEP and incoming CEO of the International Integrated Reporting Council. (September 2016)

'Key Principles for a new corporate governance model' workshop, in which Iain Wright, MP and chair of the BEIS Strategy Committee, gave the keynote speech; and speakers included George Dallas (ICGN), Colin Melvin (ex-Hermes), Charles Cotton (CIPD), Stefan Stern (FT), and Marilyn Croser (CORE). (March 2016)


Unpacking Sustainability Metrics (May 2015)

13th European Academic Conference on Internal Audit and Corporate Governance (April 2015)

How to be good? From social movement to alternative organization - The case of Premium Cola (February 2015)

Is Corporate Governance past its sell-by date? Co-funded by Bayes and the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants, with FT coverage by Stefan Stern: What is a company for? (October 2015)

London workshop with practitioners, regulators, standard setters, and academics (September 2015)

New York workshop with practitioners, regulators, standard setters, and academics 

Zurich workshop with practitioners, regulators, standard setters, and academics (October 2015)


Book Launch: Predatory Capitalism and the Corporate Reform Manifesto (December, 2014)

Management Control for Sustainability: Exploring the Roles of Tools, Practices and Packages (November 2014)

Launch of ETHOS: The Centre for Responsible Enterprise - What is the responsibility of business in addressing the challenge of sustainability? - (June 2014)


The Changing Nature of the Relationship between NGOs and Corporations: collaborating beyond fences (November 2013)

The Organizational Challenges of Corporate Social Responsibility Standardization: Building and Mobilizing Effectively CSR Standards (November 2013)

(How) Can Investors Influence Corporate Social Responsibility? Shareholder Engagement Mechanisms, Strategies and Impacts (October 2013)

Special Preview of "Red Ant Dream" (September 2013)

Debating CSR. Bayes Business School. (February 2013)

Debating Shareholder Value. Bayes Business School. (April 2013)

CSR and Sustainability Consultancy. Bayes Business School. (May 2013)

CSR and Communication. Bayes Business School. Joint event with Copenhagen Business School. (May 2013)