Our People

Members of the centre include:

Professor Paolo Volpin

Chairman of the Centre's Steering Committee

Paolo VolpinProfessor Paolo Volpin is a Research Fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), and a Research Associate of the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI).

Professor Paolo Volpin - Cass Experts Profile

Dr. Santi Furnari

Director of the Centre

Santi FurnariSanti Furnari is Associate Professor (Reader) in Strategy at Cass Business School, City, University of London.

Dr Santi Furnari - Cass Experts Profile

Professor Costas Andriopoulos

Costas AndriopolousCostas Andriopoulos is a Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Professor Costas Andriopolous - Cass Experts Profile

Professor Jean-Pascal Gond

Jean-Pascal GondJean-Pascal Gond is a Professor of Corporate Social Responsibility at Cass Business School, City, University of London.

Professor Jean-Pascal Gond - Cass Experts Profile

Professor Stefan Haefliger

Stefan HaefligerProfessor in Strategic Management and Innovation

Professor Stefan Haefliger - Cass Experts Profile

Professor Jenny Harrow

Jenny HarrowProfessor of Voluntary Sector Management

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Professor Paula Jarzabkowski

Paula JarzabkowskiProfessor in Strategic Management

Professor Paula Jarzabkowski - Cass Experts Profile

Professor Davide Ravasi

Davide RavasiProfessor in Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management

Professor Davide Ravasi - Cass Experts Profile

Dr. Hans Frankort

Hans FrankortSenior Lecturer in Strategy

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Dr. Elena Novelli

Elena NovelliElena Novelli is Reader in Strategy at Cass Business School.

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The Centre is governed by a Steering Committee, composed of the following members:

Professor Paolo Volpin (Chairman of the Steering Committee)

Dr. Santi Furnari (Director of the Centre)

Dr. Roger Barker, Director of Corporate Governance and Professional Standards at the Institute of Directors (UK)

Mr. George Dallas, President of the International Corporate Governance Network

Dr. Daniel Summerfield, Co-Head of Responsible Investment, USS Pension Fund

Mr. David Styles, Director of Corporate Governance, The Financial Reporting Council