Past events

CeFARR roundtable July 2015

A meeting with practitioners to to generate insights into the interests of, and challenges faced by, practitioners in the accounting and finance professions.

Deutsche Bank Ideas Lab November 2014

Presentation by Dr Pawel Bilinski at the Deutsche Bank Ideas Lab, Friday 28 November 2014
Title: "Investment profits: compensation for risk or arbitrage"

2nd Annual Global Quantitative Strategy Conference October 2014

Presentation by Dr Pawel Bilinski at the 2nd Annual Global Quantitative Strategy Conference. Wednesday 8 October 2014, 14:30 - 15:30 at the Andaz Hotel, London.
Title: "The Usefulness of Analyst Forecasts to Investors"

CeFARR Research Briefing Session January 2013

Accounting for asset impairment - A test for IFRS compliance across Europe

The introduction of IFRS has contributed to bringing consistency in recognition and disclosure practices in Europe. The new financial reporting regime has facilitated comparability and has led to such capital market benefits as increased stock market liquidity and a lower cost of capital for firms. However, findings in a CeFARR research report on impairment reporting in Europe show that there is considerable scope for improvement in the implementation of IFRS by some European listed companies. Until such improvements occur, the economic benefits claimed for harmonised financial reporting may well remain elusive.

To mark the launch of Accounting for asset impairment: a test for IFRS compliance across Europe, a research briefing session was held at The Business School on Thursday 17 January 2013. The main areas of focus over the briefing included:

  • An overview of CeFARR's research findings on the timeliness of impairments, compliance with IFRS impairment reporting requirements and drivers of observed impairment disclosure behaviour in Europe
  • Recommendations for improved impairment reporting and what European firms may consider doing to manage their financial reporting going forward
  • How the observed level of compliance meets the expectations of the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and its vision for the implementation of IFRS across Europe


Download the the research report

CeFARR Launch Event May 2012

The Centre for Financial Analysis and Reporting Research was officially launched on Tuesday 22 May, with a lecture from Professor Katherine Schipper (Duke University). The event was well-attended by academics and practitioners alike. The slides from the presentation are now available to download, by clicking on the link below.

Intent-Based Accounting

Organiser: CeFARR
Presenter: Professor Katherine Schipper (Duke University)