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Corporate sponsors

We welcome corporate members who are interested in sponsoring and supporting our research programmes.

Such support has numerous benefits for sponsors including participation in the research process and early sight of research results. Sponsors also have free conference and seminar participation, and input into research aims via the advisory committee.

In turn, we benefit from direct funding and possible access to data. We also gain valuable contact with the practical problems faced by sponsors.

Corporate Sponsors history

  • 2017/2021
    Third Ph.D. Scholarship in Memory of Ana Timberlake (Timberlake Consultants Ltd): £19,000p/a
  • 2015/2017
    Second Ph.D. Scholarship in Memory of Ana Timberlake (Timberlake Consultants Ltd): £19,000p/a
  • 2013/2017
    Arctic Lake Ph.D. Scholarship: £16,000p/a
  • 2012 - Present
    Tullett Prebon
  • 2011/2014
    First Ph.D. Scholarship in Memory of Ana Timberlake (Timberlake Consultants Ltd): £16,000p/a
  • 2010/2011
    Timberlake Consultants Ltd: £11,000
  • 2009/2010
    Timberlake Consultants Ltd: £11,000
  • 2008/2009
    Timberlake Consultants Ltd: £11,000
  • 2007/2008
    Timberlake Consultants Ltd: £11,000
  • 2006/2007
    Timberlake Consultants Ltd: £11,000
  • 2005/2006
    Timberlake Consultants Ltd: £11,000

Academic Funding

01/012015 - 31/03/2016

Leverhulme Trust 'Visiting Professorship - Professor Lynda Khalaf': £15,500


Journal of Applied Econometrics: £3,000

Inquiry UK application: Research Project entitled "Forecasting Cross-Market Correlations: The Case of Bonds and Stocks" (£10,000 awarded in August 2004)

European Commission Funds


Marie Curie Actions: £122,572


Bank of England: £5,000

Human Resources and Mobility Activity (HRM): Bayes-Quantitative Methods in Finance (Bayes-QMF) (Submitted 7 December 2004)

City University & Bayes Business School Pump Priming


Inquire UK: £10,000


Inquire UK: £10,000

Expression of interest: RAE Development Fund, Research officer: Lorenzo Trapani, October 2004-September 2005.

Short Courses

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