Building Better Governance

Building Better Governance practice guides

New and updated for 2019, the Cass CCE Building Better Governance guides cover the essentials of nonprofit governance. Produced by our consultants Caroline Copeman, Fiona Ash and Christine Fogg, they provide a practical guide for improving the effectiveness of your board.

Our series of guides includes:

  • Developing the whole top team (new for April 2019)
  • Developing a dashboard and balanced scorecard
  • Effective board meetings
  • Board reports that add value
  • Board and trustee performance review
  • Board involvement in strategy and development planning

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Trustee Exchange - 11 April 2019: 'Building the Top Team: Reaching New Heights Together'

Caroline Copeman ran a session at the Trustee Exchange to launch the new Building Better Governance guide on Top Teams. It was an interactive session and over 100 participants explored how to build effective board and senior leadership teams. Their analysis of the characteristics of an effective top team are shown below, and more can be found in the notes produced as a result of the session.

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