Knowledge sharing is a key part of Bayes CCE’s mission to inspire positive transformation and change in the nonprofit sector.

Make the most of CCE’s wide-ranging knowledge and expertise with these handy Bayes CCE toolkits and guides designed to help individuals and organisations.

Peering over the Precipice

This toolkit is aimed at charity trustees and executives who want to consider where they are on the organisational lifecycle curve. It will enable them to explore what impact the current environment is having on their organisation and on the economic and social value that it creates.

A toolkit for nonprofits to reinvent and thrive

By drawing on Bayes CCE’s cumulative knowledge, derived from in-depth work with our students, delegates and clients, we offer a health check to revitalise and a framework to consider reinvention for greater beneficiary impact.

We ask the tough questions to help you consider if your organisation is already in decline. We provide the equally tough answers that will ensure that the decisions taken are in the best interest of your organisation’s mission, before that of its existence.

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Building Better Governance

These handy guides cover the essentials of nonprofit governance. Produced by expert Bayes CCE consultants, Caroline Copeman, Fiona Ash and Christine Fogg, they provide a practical guide to improving the effectiveness of your board.

The series of guides includes
  • Developing the whole top team
  • Developing a dashboard and balanced scorecard
  • Effective board meetings
  • Board reports that add value
  • Board and trustee performance review
  • Board involvement in strategy and development planning.

More about the Building Better Governance guides

Tools for Success: Doing the Right Things and Doing Them Right

Please note: the 'Tools for Success' guides are currently being revised, to bring them fully up to date. New editions will be published in the autumn. You can still download the current versions in the meantime.

Produced by Bayes CCE with funding from City Bridge Trust, this series of short guides covers a range of essential topics and is designed to help any small voluntary and community organisation wishing to invest in its long-term sustainability.

Tools for success is a package of 13 guides, intended for use by small voluntary and community organisations wishing to invest in long-term sustainability. Bayes CCE produced the guides with funding support from City Bridge Trust (CBT).

Bridging the Gap

This guide is aimed primarily at those who are working within the private sector and who wish to take up a trusteeship or other volunteer role within the charity or nonprofit sector. It is also recommended for those who wish to recruit from outside the sector. We hope that through reading this guide you will learn how best to use the skills and experience of people, irrespective of their sector background.

There are huge rewards to be gained from moving into the sector: a sense of accomplishment in supporting social change, being challenged with new perspectives, and meeting diverse and inspirational people. Many people from the private sector approach opportunities to serve in the nonprofit sector with good intentions and with the expectation that their significant experience and wisdom will be gratefully accepted. These people often talk in terms of wanting ‘to give something back’. It can be a shock to find that their sincere intentions are perceived as patronising and are rejected or, worse, that they are treated as some kind of outcast with no real understanding of what is happening.

This guide comprises a series of chapters that aim to provide an overview of the sector, the differences that you may find and how to become successfully engaged.

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