Charity Commission: Social Investment research study

We are pleased to announce that Bayes CCE is working in partnership with the Charity Commission.

This research project will explore the understanding of social investment as described in its guidance on investment (CC14). The project will be led by Professor Paul Palmer and Visiting Fellow David Rowe, supported by Mackenzie Chapman.

Approach and scope

Over the course of the next five months, a number of meetings and round tables will be held, the aim of which is to gain an understanding of where the charity sector currently stands with regard to social investment as currently described in the guidance.

It should be noted that under the agreed scope of the project, no consideration of any aspects of ethical or responsible investment is included. The study will seek to inform the Commission on the extent and understanding of the language used in CC14 and how it can be improved. Getting a wide range of views is therefore vitally important and a unique opportunity for organisations to support the drafting of the guidance for the benefit of the sector.

This project has been approved by the Bayes Business School, City, University of London Ethics Committee. All data and comments from those participating will be kept confidential and will not identifiable unless permission is given.

Letter from the Charity Commission

Get involved

If you are interested in participating please contact David Rowe at or Mackenzie Chapman at