Looking through a shared lens

Learning and insights from the first Centre for Charity Effectiveness ‘Challenges in Contemporary Governance’ discussion series which took place during 2019-20. Chaired by Lynne Berry CBE (Visiting Professsor at Bayes Business School), with a group of invited Chair/CEO pairs from a range of charities, we explored in depth the many challenges and opportunities inherent in this vital relationship, through the prism of some key themes in nonprofit leadership.


Read the full reportLooking through a shared lens: Five explorations’: this includes the complete set of explorations together with a ‘Themes and rare insights’ summary from the series as a whole, details of further related resources, and an introduction by Professor Lynne Berry CBE and Alex Skailes of the Centre for Charity Effectiveness. (Published 2020).

You can also read individual short reports of each of the five explorations and the summary of themes and insights from across the series.

Read 'Exploration: Leading in turmoil'

Read 'Exploration: Organisation change and culture'

Read 'Exploration: Partnerships and Collaboration'

Read 'Exploration: Relationships between large and small nonprofts'

Read 'Exploration: Strategic leadership'

Read 'Reflections: Themes and rare insights'


Following publication of our Looking through a shared lens reports, CCE hosted a webinar in summer 2020 for alumni of our Charities Master’s and professional development programmes, focusing on the Chair/Chief Executive partnership in nonprofit organisations. The session was hosted by Visiting Professor, Lynne Berry CBE, and Senior Visiting Fellow Caroline Copeman, and they were joined by guest speaker Sean Hanson, Chair of Education Support.