Building the road as we walk: leadership through uncertain times

A CCE nonprofit sector collaboration

This exciting leadership research project, supported by the Bayes Knowledge Exchange and Impact Fund (KEIF), aims to explore and collate new thinking about how nonprofit sector leaders lead and implement their strategic work through challenging and uncertain times, with the outcomes due to be published early in 2023.

Led by CCE’s Tammy Tawadros and Lisa Barry, the ultimate aim of the project is to produce an online resource for sector leaders that draws together current thinking, experiences and insights to address key questions including:

  • What helps you, on an individual level, to lead in uncertainty?
  • What helps you help stakeholders to thrive in and through uncertain times?

More about the ‘Building the road as we walk’ project

This leadership research project will draw upon:

  • Targeted interviews with current sector leaders recently engaged in leadership development programmes with CCE
  • Themes and questions generated by a review of pre-pandemic survey research with sector leaders on leadership and organisational effectiveness in the sector
  • The outcomes and insights from a focus group with sector leaders.

Blog posts

In the lead up to publication of the 'Building the road as we walk' research, project lead and CCE consultant, Tammy Tawadros, has authored several blogs around the topic of leading during uncertain times.