Leading Edge

Introducing new, less experienced and future leaders to the essential foundations of outstanding leadership

Key information

Start date
28th March 2023
mix of online and in person delivery

Programme dates

Module 1: Self as leader – Tuesday 28th March 2023 (In-person)

Module 2: Leading and managing others – Tuesday 9th May 2023 (Online)

Module 3: Leadership foundations – Wednesday 7th June 2023 (Online)

Module 4: Next steps – Tuesday 4th July 2023 (In-person)

All modules will take place from 09:30 to 16:30.

Module 1 and Module 4 will take place at Bayes Business School. Module 2 and Module 3 will be held online.

Programme costs

The early-bird rate of £545pp is applicable for all bookings made before 28th February 2023. After 28th February 2023, the full fee for this programme will be £695pp.

Please read our cancellation policy.

Who should attend

Leading Edge is aimed at those in the nonprofit sector who are new to leadership, who have little leadership experience, or who do not yet consider themselves to be leaders.

This may include those who are already directly or indirectly managing people and projects, but who do not feel they are fully equipped with the skills to do so effectively, or junior and middle level managers who are considering stepping up into leadership roles in the near future.

Why choose our Leading Edge programme?

Leadership is exciting and rewarding and good leaders are essential in any organisation, but how leadership skills are learned and developed is too often left to chance. Leading Edge introduces the key building blocks of good leadership, helping to bridge the gap between managing and leading. The programme encourages the development of self-awareness and reflection whilst always focusing on how theory can be applied in practice in the real world.

Participants will get the opportunity to equip themselves with some fundamental leadership skills, sharing experiences and perspectives with their peers and building invaluable support networks that will help their future leadership development.

Benefits to you

  • Develop your understanding of what leadership means, and how to apply the key elements of outstanding leadership in practice
  • Get the opportunity to try out some of the tools and techniques that will help you feel better equipped to make a success of leading yourself and others and learn how to build these into your day-to-day approach
  • Take time out from your day-to-day work to learn, reflect and develop your leadership skills, guided by experienced programme leaders within a leading business school
  • Build your own long-term support network through learning and developing relationships with peers from other nonprofit organisations.

Benefits to your organisation

  • Leading Edge equips managers and those new to leadership with fundamental leadership knowledge and skills, increasing their impact and effectiveness within their organisation and preparing them to develop further as leaders
  • Participants will return to the workplace after each module ready to share new insights and to make practical, positive improvements for themselves and those they work with
  • Participants will develop invaluable networks of peers

Programme leaders

This series is designed and run by expert CCE facilitators and coaches who bring a wealth of experience to this programme.

COVID-19 response

The latest information about City, University of London’s response to the pandemic can be found on the students and visitors page.

Our staff, consultants and faculty remain dedicated to supporting our clients during this challenging time; please feel free to reach out with any questions or requests to CCE@city.ac.uk.