Charity Talks series 2021/22

Recovery and beyond - 13 October 2021

Recovery and Beyond: Are you ready for the challenge?
Wednesday 13 October 2021
Speakers: Alex Skailes and Steve Billot
Guest speakers: Angela Salt and David Hole

This webinar looked at the issues facing the charity sector as it confronts its most challenging time, the “recovery” phase. We know that historically more organisations fail as economies recover from a downturn and this time is unlikely to be any different.

Turnaround expert Steve Billot explored how the sector has reacted to the last 18 months and what steps can be taken to face the new future.

Steve was joined by Angela Salt OBE, CEO of Girlguiding, and David Hole, turnaround expert and previous interim CEO for a number of Age UK partners. They shared their learning on leading through the recovery and beyond.

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Change just Changed! - 16 January 2022

Change just changed!
Wednesday 26 January 2022
Guest Speaker: Keith Leslie

How can we face the challenge of uncontained change - that which is simultaneously up close and personal, and continual and relentless?

In this CCE Charity Talk, Keith Leslie, current Chair of Samaritans and Mental Health at Work and former McKinsey and Deloitte partner, shared learnings from his cross-sector career and insight from Samaritans on the frontline of human distress.

The response was given by Caroline Copeman, Bayes Senior Visiting Fellow and CCE Consultant, and the event was hosted by Alex Skailes, CCE Director.

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Can you rise to the top without losing your soul? - 23 February 2022

Can you rise to the top without losing your soul?
Wednesday 23 February 2022
Guest Speakers: Douglas Board, Nick Wilkie, Polly Mackenzie, Pamela Leonce

Why is it that some people get to the top while others, who may be equally well-qualified, don’t? How can we rise up? Do we want to? How can we change society in this respect?

We were delighted to welcome Dr Douglas Board, Senior Visiting Fellow at Bayes Business School, to present this topic which drew on his recent book, ‘Elites – can you rise to the top without losing your soul?’, in which he offers a new interpretation of how we understand success and merit in our lives and in our institutions.

Douglas was joined by host, CCE Consultant Nick Wilkie and panellists Polly Mackenzie, CEO of Demos, and Pamela Leonce, Chair of Inquilab Housing association.

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Collaboration, innovation and digital transformation - 8 June 2022

Collaboration, innovation and digital transformation: Transforming the charity volunteer experience
Wednesday 8 June 2022
Guest Speakers: Angela Salt and Matt Hyde

We were delighted to welcome Angela Salt, CEO of Girlguiding, and Matt Hyde, CEO of Scouts, to join us for our first in-person Charity Talk in two years.

Angela and Matt discussed how these two high-profile national charities are working together to transform the experiences of their volunteers at every step of the process, using digital technology and innovative solutions to help recruit, train and develop new volunteer talent and skills.

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Charities in the spotlight - 6 July 2022

Charities in the spotlight: The role of communications in navigating public scrutiny
Wednesday 6 July 2022
Guest Speakers: Adeela Warley and Sophie Castell

Derek Holder Memorial Lecture

Charities continue to be in the spotlight, with media coverage of a whole range of topics in recent months. From tackling the colonial past, to rescuing refugees, gender politics and internal culture. Most of the public want to support charities but are increasingly scrutinising their leadership, activities and performance.

In this Charity Talk we heard from Adeela Warley and Sophie Castell to discuss the role of strategic communications in navigating this landscape and in creating a narrative that focuses on positive change.

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