Charity Talks 2013/14

Inspiring Companies and Rich Individuals to Give

27th February 2013, 6pm for 6.30pm

  • Daniela Barone Soares, CEO of Impetus Trust
  • Valerie Morton, Consultant and Author of Corporate Fundraising

Wealthy individuals have remained a valuable source of income despite the recession and competition for company support has never been fiercer. The Impetus Trust has been highly successful at eliciting support from both these sources. Daniela will describe how they do it and Valerie will bring out the boarder principles and methods to ensure effectiveness, including the need for a whole agency approach.

Positioning your Organisation and its Activities in Changing Times

26th June 2013 6pm for 6.30pm

  • John Low, CEO of CAF
  • Ros Oakley, Principal Consultant, Cass CCE

Keeping your organisation relevant, especially to people you are targeting is difficult in this fast changing, recessionary world. How far can you bend your mission to survive? What are the techniques to avoid this? When new beneficiary needs emerge, how do you meet them - though your own efforts or supporting others? If legislation or other factors change, how do you respond?

John Low will describe how Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) and its services have responded to different customer demands. Ros Oakley will lay out the tools and approaches you can use to steer a good course for your activity.

Leadership in a Nonprofit Organisation - 8 May 2013

8th May 2013, 6pm for 6.30pm

  • Richard Hawkes, CEO of Scope
  • James Barrett, Principal Consultant with Cass CCE

Leadership scares many managers, but leaders they must be! A lot of it is common sense - or is it? Richard has been a successful leader for many years, linking his style to the agency and strategy being pursued. Come and hear how he has applied his skills in Scope over the last three years. James will describe how you can draw out your own leadership skills to the maximum using wider psychological theories of leadership.

Fundraising Excellence in Today’s Climate - 2 October 2013

2nd October 2013, 6pm for 6.30pm

  • Jeremy Hughes, CEO, Alzheimer's Society
  • Giles Pegram, CBE, Fundraising Consultant

The Alzheimer's Society won Third Sector's "Best Fundraising Team" award. Jeremy will outline how they have achieved such distinction in their fundraising with reference to their donor marketing, community, events, corporate trust and legacy fundraising - and how other functions in the charity support and influence the success. Giles will put these achievements in the context of the wider environment, identifying successful formulae that others can follow.

Successful Campaigning in an Adverse Climate - 27 November 2013

27th November 2013, 6pm for 6.30pm

  • Frieda Schicker, London Gypsy and Traveller Unit
  • Brian Lamb, Consultant and Author of the Good Guide to Campaigning

The London Gypsy and Traveller Unit has built up a formidable reputation for the community formed policies, and involving travellers successfully in lobbying and campaigning. Their causes are less popular with government now than they were, simply because of cutbacks. So what can we learn from their ability to effectively represent an unpopular cause? Brian, veteran of many campaigns, will outline campaigning principles and lessons that everyone can apply, particularly when times are hard.

Managing and Motivating Staff - 29 January 2014

29th January 2014, 6pm for 6.30pm

  • Cath Lee, CEO, Leeds MENCAP, previously CEO, Small Charities Coalition
  • Atul Patel, Principal Consultant and MSc Academic Leader, Cass CCE

Most staff and volunteers want to perform excellently - how can managers support and guide them? When things aren't going well, what can you do to change this? Cath is a natural leader, bringing out the best in people. Atul is immensely experienced in the theory and practice of human resource and diversity management and will interweave theory into Cath's practice.