Strategic Marketing

Strategic marketing to power your development objectives

A good marketing strategy will include tactical planning that drives specific, practical action plans for fundraising, business development, stakeholder engagement, campaigns and social media content.

Our experienced CCE consultants can support you in developing a marketing and fundraising strategy that:

  • Ensures long-term income sustainability
  • Focuses on tangible objectives and goals
  • Enables you to articulate the impact of your organisation
  • Creates robust stakeholder relationships
  • Supports the delivery of frontline impact

Our CCE consultant helped to set up solid foundations and a clear ambition and strategy for a forward-thinking organisation. This led to the Foundation exceeding all its targets within the first three years of operations. As a Trustee, I have been impressed with their critical analysis and ability to design strategies and translate them into action.

How we can help

CCE can support you with:

  • External market research and trend analysis
  • Marketing strategy
  • Fundraising and income sustainability planning
  • Business development, partnerships and external relations
  • Theory of Change development and reviews
  • Communications and stakeholder engagement

Our approach

We will work with you to establish your internal drivers and external market conditions, set exciting objectives and then formulate a compelling overarching strategy.

The action plans we develop with you will lead you to successful implementation and provide a means to control and monitor resultant activity. We will direct you to the latest research to inform your marketing strategy, and guide you through deep-dive analysis into customer journeys and segmentation and the creation of discrete business cases outlining service and product positioning strategy.

As nonprofit marketing specialists we have the knowledge to help create, or translate, your theory of change into an effective case for support, outlining why supporters and volunteers should engage with your cause. These motivations can then align with all aspects of communication.