Partners and Sponsors

CBR has corporate sponsors and effective partnerships with industry, ranging from banks to industry funded Centres.


Our partnerships led us to develop bespoke collaborations and foster links between industry needs and our research expertise.


Our sponsors provide funding through agreed schemes for our research projects, conferences and future studies. Sponsors will advise on new research topic, propose the theme of a conference, and receive copies of all publications from the Centre.

Engage with us

We welcome new partnerships and sponsors related to our research and events. If you wish to collaborate with us please contact with the Director of the Centre Prof. Barbara Casu Lukac.

Our Partnerships and Sponsors


The Euro-Mediterranean Economists Association is an independent forum that provides forward-looking thinking and political and socio-economic integrated analyses on the Euro-Mediterranean region in an emerging multipolar world. It strives to contribute decisively to the transition process in the Mediterranean region amidst an unprecedented global financial and economic crisis and geopolitical uncertainties and conflicts.

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The Euro-Mediterranean Network for Economic Studies (EMNES) is a network of partners and associates research institutions and think tanks working on socio-economics in the Euro-Mediterranean.

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Conduct, Culture, People (CCP) Foundation

The CCP Research Foundation is an ‘umbrella’ organisation that will work to procure funding for, and provide academic and expert consultancy support to, Associated Research Projects and will undertake other related activities in furtherance of its mission to champion research and best practice in ‘conduct risk’, ‘ethics-led’ decision-making and governance and related questions that impact on "public trust" in the way organisations are run.

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