Our Centre is led by a team of five Bayes academics all of whom operate at the leading edge of their fields: Charles Baden-Fuller, Strategy, Stefan Haefliger, Innovation, Caroline Wiertz, Consumer Marketing,  Andre Spicer, Organisational Behaviour and Paolo Aversa, Technology Strategy.

We are committed to undertaking research that contributes to knowledge within our fields, but that also crosses boundaries between academic fields and between academia and practice: where practice includes the individual consumer, business and public policy. This holistic view is appropriate to Bayes being a top ranked academic institution in the City of London being relevant to business and the professions.

Business Models Team

Biotechnology Team

  • Prof. Charles Baden Fuller: Principal Investigator (PI): Bayes Business School
  • Prof. Paul Nightingale: Principal Co-investigator (Co-PI): Deputy Director of SPRU, the Science Policy Research Unit, at the University of Sussex
  • Dr Sam (Dzidziso) Kamuriwo, Bayes Business School
  • Dr Michael Hopkins, SPRU-Sussex University
  • Dr Joanne Zhang, UEA
  • Professor Vincent Mangematin, Grenoble Ecole de Management