Faculties and research

Actuarial Science dissertations

Analysis of causes of death in England and Wales for the period 1976-2000 and mortality forecasts for 2030 (Nikos A. Lambrou, March 2003)

Investment and longevity risks in annuity business: a comparative analysis of alternative annuity types for turkish market (Burak Sayin, August 2003)

Dependency of risks in annuity valuation (Wah-yan Stephanie Shek, April 2003)

Investment risk: considerations for a pension fund (Oladipo O. Oyenola, June 2003)

Pricing by geographical zone: an application with a Spanish database (Núria Puig, December 2003)

Pension Costs: An analysis of accounting standards FAS 87, FRS 17, SSAP 24 and IAS 19 (Maria Monica Gil Barba, April 2003)

A review of pension funding with asset valuation employing exponential smoothing (Luciana Beltrão Espinola Palma, May 2003)

A review of the state pension scheme in Ghana (Kofi Tibuahson, June 2003)

Police Pensions - opportunity for change? (Timothy Mark Smith, May 2003)

An investigation into hedging mortality risk in annuities via the capital markets (Peter Clare, November 2003)

Socio-economic and geographic determinants of infant mortality in Spain: 1975-2000 (Núria Calduch Verdiell, July 2003)

Using copulas as a measure of dependence between competing causes of mortality (Rhashed Molife, November 2003)

Analysing basic genetics using Bayesian networks and the impact of genetic testing on the insurance industry (Constantia Kyprianidou, May 2003)