Our Careers Team

With knowledge and expertise across a broad range of sectors, we can help you engage with the very best candidates

Our careers team can work with your organisation to connect you with the right individual for your recruitment demands and help grow your business.

Further details of our recruitment team can be found below:

Full-time and Executive MBA

David Huff

MBA Corporate Relationship Manager

David Huff

Email: david.huff@city.ac.uk
LinkedIn: David Huff

Full-time MBA Programme
Executive MBA Programme


David Shute

MSc Careers Manager

david shute

Email: david.shute@city.ac.uk
LinkedIn: David Shute


International Business
Digital Supply Chain Management
Investment Management

Michelle Fairbank

MSc Careers Relationship Manager

Michelle Fairbank

Email: michelle.fairbank@city.ac.uk
LinkedIn: Michelle Fairbank


Actuarial Science
Actuarial Management
Insurance and Risk Management
Business Analytics
International Accounting & Finance
Quantitative Finance
Financial  Mathematics
Mathematical Trading and Finance
Innovation Creativity & Leadership

Charlie Statham

MSc Careers Relationship Manager

charlie statham

Email: charlie.statham@city.ac.uk
LinkedIn: Charlie Statham


Real Estate
Real Estate Investment
Energy, Trade and Finance
Shipping, Trade and Finance

Shak Chowdhury

MSc Careers Relationship Manager

shak chowdhury

Email: shak.chowdhury@city.ac.uk
LinkedIn: Shak Chowdhury


Marketing Strategy and Innovation
Banking and International Finance
Corporate Finance

Bayes Undergraduates

If you would like to engage with Bayes undergraduates please connect with our City University Career Service