Education programmes

New Venture Creation Programme

The New Venture Creation (NVC) Programme is designed to equip nascent entrepreneurs with the skills necessary to start a scalable business. The inaugural programme was developed by the Peter Cullum Centre for Entrepreneurship and ran in 2010. The programme has been hosted every year since, for an audience of Bayes students and external participants.

The course is now run as a practically-focussed module delivered as part of Msc. and MBA courses at Bayes.

The NVC provides access to:

  • Mentoring expertise from both investors and serial entrepreneurs
  • The opportunity to pitch to professional investors and gain feedback.

You will also learn about:

  • Identifying opportunities that offer the potential to grow a scalable business
  • Evaluating opportunities, analysing the competition and minimising risk.

You will understand:

  • How to develop a business model that generates strong revenue streams
  • How to make the best potential investment deals including how investment deals work
  • How shareholder's agreements are structured.

In addition to learning how to start a scalable business, you will meet and hear from entrepreneurs who have created successful ventures. Some of these entrepreneurs will be willing to offer ongoing support and advice. You will also meet other entrepreneurially-minded individuals like yourself, and with whom you can explore ideas.

Business growth programmes

Bayes Business School offers a range of programmes supportive of business growth, personal development and the academic study of Entrepreneurship.

Spanning student and alumni event series, short courses and executive programmes, and wider modular or taught academic courses, there are many routes and study options to explore within the field of Entrepreneurship.