Bayes Innovate 2022: Regroup. Restart.

Bayes Innovate took place on the 18th May 2022.  Details of further events will be posted here

One of the most premier inter-disciplinary events exploring entrepreneurship, innovation and creative leadership, Bayes Innovate is back in 2022. With more academics, entrepreneurs, practitioners and students to discuss how Covid-19 is transforming their work and how they are planning the future.

Faced with the unusual and unexpected situation of the Covid 19 pandemic, every aspect of life – professional as well as personal, has been affected by this global crisis. The entrepreneurship ecosystem, strained in the best of times, has been and is being pushed to new limits. If executives expect the fallout of Covid to continue impacting the way they do business as much as their customers’ needs, they also believe new growth opportunities are to be captured.

Through a variety of talks, workshops and panel discussions, the conference will expose about 180 delegates to best innovation practices, successful entrepreneurship stories and leading research. It will also provide extensive and diverse opportunities for networking with a wide range of entrepreneurs, experts and decision makers.

For more information please contact Ms Aurore Hochard, Head of Entrepreneurship Programmes at Bayes Business School.