Bayes Investment

At Bayes we do more than provide theory and practical advice. Thanks to the generous support of Peter Cullum CBE, one of our most successful entrepreneurs, we have a £10 million Venture Capital fund to invest in promising business ideas.

The Bayes Entrepreneurship Fund

The fund is open to entrepreneurs of all backgrounds, not just Bayes’ graduates.

Investments from the fund are geared towards ambitious management teams looking to build high-growth businesses.

We have a small, experienced investment team, and manage an efficient, professional investment process. The benefit is that we’re not restricted by the bureaucracy associated with institutional funders.

Initial investments typically range from £250,000 to £1,000,000, depending on the stage of the development, structure, and financing requirements of your business.

Our support isn’t limited to money. We also provide board-level support to help businesses deliver on their plans.

Is your business eligible for investment?

We prefer to invest in businesses which have generated some revenue traction and are seeking early-stage growth or development capital.

But other than that, we are open to most business types, run by individuals or teams.

  • You should be generating over £100,000 in annual revenue or equivalent.
  • The team consider entrepreneurs form all backgrounds, not just Bayes’ graduates.
  • Your business needs to be headquartered in the UK.

You can see our full list of criteria on the dedicated fund microsite

How does my business apply for funding?

The most important part of the process is showing us your business plan. If we like what we see, we can take this to the next level of discussion.

The process is by necessity fairly formal. We’re investing substantial sums after all. So there’ll be a requirement for commercial and financial due diligence.

However, once we’ve accepted your application and decided to support your business, you’ll benefit from a real partnership with our highly experienced team.