Bayes Innovate conference

Bayes Innovate 2023

Wednesday 29th March, 11:30-18:00

Bayes Innovate is a premier inter-disciplinary event exploring entrepreneurship, innovation, and creative leadership.

Reduced inequalities, affordable and clean energy, gender equality, sustainable cities and communities, responsible production and consumption. These are some of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), set in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly, which are aimed at creating a better, more sustainable world for everyone by 2030.

Businesses must recognise the importance of sustainable development goals and environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) if they are to meet those ambitious goals. However, doing so will continue to be challenging for many enterprises.

Organisations are under increasing pressure to understand and respond to rapidly changing global conditions and ensure the continued sustainability of their organisations.

Priorities for businesses include reflecting on their impacts on the environment, their treatment of employees and investors, and their overall good governance practices. These are no longer ‘nice to have’, they are ‘must have’.

At Bayes Innovate, you will learn from leading academics and entrepreneurs about ESG, what it means for organisations to put in place and implement sustainability strategies, the importance of measuring progress of their ESG strategies, the challenges but also the benefits of doing so.

Through a variety of talks, workshops and panel discussions, the conference will expose more than 175 delegates to best innovation practices, successful entrepreneurship stories and leading research. It will also provide extensive and diverse opportunities for networking with a wide range of entrepreneurs, experts, and decision makers.

Event timings:

10.45am - 11.30am: Registration

11.30am - 11.45pm: Welcome to Bayes Innovate with Ms Aurore Hochard, Head of Entrepreneurship Programmes and Prof Andre Spicer, Dean at Bayes Business School

11.45am - 12.15pm: Introductory Keynote by: Saasha Celestial-One, founder and COO of Olio

12.30pm – 3.45pm: Sessions (Light Lunch offered at 1.15pm - 2pm)

4pm – 4.45pm: Final presentation by Prof Costas Andriopoulos and Closing Remarks

4.45pm - 6pm: Networking over drinks and nibbles

For more information please contact Ms Aurore Hochard, Head of Entrepreneurship Programmes at Bayes Business School.