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Our mission is to deliver new AI-based services to augment creativity to organisations, by acting as a provider of AI-based technologies in new ecosystems of business partners and clients. To deliver this mission, CebAI is offering services to different types of partner.

CebAI is seeking to build partnerships with businesses that are wanting to offer new, more creative and innovative services to their clients. As part of each partnership, CebAI will augment your existing services with new AI software to generate creative insights about client problems and your solutions to them. CebAI will also augment your services with new methods and techniques to exploit their creative insights effectively. Over time, CebAI will customise the software, methods and techniques to your needs and circumstances.

CebAI is also seeking to offer its methods, techniques and software services directly to clients, to solve specific problems. It will apply its AI software to your information assets to generate creative insights, then consult with you to discover new strategies and solutions based on these insights.

For technology partners, CebAI will offer central London work spaces to AI-creativity start-ups willing to work together to generate new AI software services to enhance business creativity and innovation. CebAI will also collaborate with technology partners to deliver new digital services and to markets these services to business partners and clients.

CebAI will offer at least the following specific services

On-demand software services

CebAI will offer AI algorithms and interactive tools that businesses can apply to their digital information, in order to create effectively on-demand by discovering creative insights from their existing written information assets. These assets can include white papers, market and competitor analyses, technical assessments, client reports, and design documents.

New interactive tools

CebAI will offer new interactive tools that your employees can use to invent and innovate, based on creative insights, and reporting tools to receive regular updates of creative ideas and opportunities. The tools support different forms of creative thinking, from rescoping the original problem to increase opportunities for more creative solutions, to combining and synthesising ideas in emerging solutions.

New creative and design thinking methods and techniques

CebAI will also offer new forms of creative and design thinking methods and techniques, tailored to exploit CebAI’s technologies, which you can use to amplify your existing creativity consulting, training and leadership services, and maximise the value of these services to business clients.

Creativity education and training

Other CebAI services will include new forms of creativity education and training to upskill your workforce to creative and innovative more effectively, especially when using new digital technologies.

New business models for AI-enabled creativity

CebAI will also build on research to offer new business models, intellectual property frameworks and forms of service that will optimise the opportunities for and returns from creative thinking on demand using AI technologies.

Case studies and white papers

CebAI will draw on experiences with business partners and clients to share insights and lessons learned, which in turn can provide the baseline for more effective creativity on-demand in your businesses.

Integrated solutions

CebAI recognises that on-demand software services, interactive digital tools and creative thinking methods in isolation will not be enough to deliver a step change in business creativity. Instead it will offer business partners and clients integrated solutions that combine the use of AI technologies, techniques and training into unique, bespoke offerings for businesses.

Read more about how some of our services have already been used by business partners and clients in our case studies.

For more information about these services and how you can benefit from them, contact us using the details at the bottom of this page.