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CebAI apps are designed for ordinary people to come up with extraordinary solutions, every day

We are building on-demand support for creativity and collaboration in order to create a world where nobody feels alone in problem solving. A world in which everyone can collaborate freely.

Work as a research consultant with flexible, paid hours designed to fit around your study deadlines

Bayes Business School students studying together

CebAI often has opportunities for students to work with us on a flexible part time basis, from business strategy and marketing to computer coding, UX, UI design and service development work. We can offer £20+ per hour and practical commercial experience to City students, giving you the chance to work in a tech start-up environment inside the university.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

Case Studies

City Alumni Stephanie Terwindt
"Working at CebAI has been a fantastic opportunity to translate what I was learning on the MICL into real world, tangible outcomes. It's been really rewarding to see the tools we're developing take shape - from post-its through to working digital prototypes."

Stephanie Terwindt worked as a part-time student consultant on CebAI alongside her studies for most of the academic year. She graduated with distinction from the Bayes' Masters in Innovation, Creativity & Leadership (MICL) Autumn 2021.

Alumni male
Bayes Business school graduate, Mark Dowsett came on board on a short term contract to lead UX design on the AI enhanced Business Model Zoo project.

Mark, who graduated in 2020 with a distinction in the Masters programme in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership, is an experienced Creative Director in digital services and combined his dissertation research with service design research into the re-launch the Business Model Zoo website under the direction of Bayes Business School's Centenary Professor of Strategy, Charles Baden-Fuller.

Alumni Female
Diana Squires' diverse career in creative leadership, from programme design and direction, to theatre management, marketing and media has brought a rich diversity of thought to her part-time role at CebAI, where she worked as a design consultant alongside her post-grad degree studies.

She has led on user testing across several important prototypes including Biz Brain, Business Opportunity Builder and most recently worked on Sport Sparks market research. She graduated with distinction from the Masters in Innovation, Creativity & Leadership (MICL) Autumn 2021.