Sponsor a scholarship

When you sponsor a scholarship, you enable the most deserving students to study at Bayes, whatever their circumstances. In doing so, you help such students to gain confidence, qualifications, and leadership skills. In time, this will benefit companies, the wider business world, and the community at large.

You will also find yourself perfectly placed to mentor and identify outstanding students, get them to undertake research projects for the organisation, perhaps with a view to recruiting them to your own organisation. From the student's point of view, to be supported by a benefactor provides additional motivation and valuable endorsement for their CV.

Competitive and flexible scholarships

Bayes's impressive portfolio of scholarships helps us to attract students of the highest calibre in a highly competitive, global market whilst harnessing our strong relationships with leading businesses.

Our flexible scholarship programmes can be tailored to the individual requirements of your organisation. You can stipulate the criteria, which includes academic excellence, gender, nationality or a specialised subject area.

Benefits to organisation include:

  • Naming of the scholarship
  • Ability to direct dissertation in a topic of choice
  • Access to dissertation
  • "Road test" the student through an internship
  • Acknowledgement and recognition of scholarship in schools promotional materials.