Business services

Regional and global business services

The Cass Dubai Centre opens the door to a range of high quality and mutually beneficial Cass business services. Depending on your requirements, these services can be locally delivered or accessed via Cass Business School in London.

The business services include access to our expert faculty and highly regarded research. They also help you to recruit our talented students. In terms of Corporate partnerships, they create tailored opportunities for you to promote your company or organisation to the regional business leaders of today and the future.

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Consultancy and research

World-class research and real world solutions

You can access expert and proven Cass Consultancy and research via the Cass Dubai Centre.

This capability forms part of a dynamic Cass environment that is renowned worldwide for its leading academic thinking, research and real world business experience.

Within this context, Cass Consulting has completed a number of successful business consultancy projects, or provided practical recommendations, for major businesses, government and other significant institutions.

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Access to international, highly-qualified candidates

Recruit the best students and alumni.

Every year, Cass educates thousands of students to the highest standards. All students are exposed to our unique balance of theory and practice so they are equipped for the real word. Moreover, we place great emphasis on the 'soft skills' necessary for today's business world.

The students who pass through the Cass Dubai Centre are no exception. You can meet them via a number of channels such as careers events, face-to-face sessions and Cass Careers Online, a sophisticated recruitment service for employers and students alike.

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Corporate partnership scheme

Cass Business School has a long and successful track record of corporate partnerships with a number of leading companies. All such partnerships are tailored to the needs of the individual company and place you at the centre of a global network of educational excellence.

We're pleased to say that we have already established a number of local partnerships with leading companies and organisations:

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Alternatively, contact Dr Kevin Dunseath, Regional Director of MENA.